4 ways to get more patients

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You might be thinking… I have word of mouth advertising, do I really need to do any of this? The answer is yes, you do. By the end of this article you’ll understand that if you don’t start doing these strategies you’ll eventually be behind. Therefore, your dental practice may suffer.

The second concern: this seems like it’s a lot of work. If I do ALL this will I actually see new dental patients in my office? To that, I’ll have to say It varies. I don’t know you, your level of consistency, and the belief you will have in this strategy. However, I can guarantee I’ll show you a system that works. This system generates, on average, 50-100 new patients every month with the doctors that trusted this process. Although, once again, I don’t know you and how quick you are to implementation.


So, what are these 4 fancy strategies that will get you more dental patients?

1. Updating and Optimizing your Website

We are in 2019. If you do not have a mobile/tablet friendly website you are missing out on a massive amount of searches. This doesn’t just mean that your website opens on these devices. You can test it by opening your website on your phone and seeing if you need to pinch the screen to maneuver the site. This is a big no-no because in the information era we are living in, it is a game of convenience for the user.

We are truly here to serve our patients in the best way possible, and one of those ways is before they even step into your office.
Now, let’s talk about you updating your website. It should be convertable not just to look pretty, but every 6-12 months you should update it with pictures of new hires, videos of the staff, and blog posts about the office. All of this helps create trust and credibility for your community. At the end of the day, people want to see faces, and a familiar face that’s shown often helps them take the steps to see what all the fuss is about… more on this when we talk about creating content.

2. SEO for the Services in the Surrounding Areas

SEO is super important for dentistry because people are searching for either your business name, services on google such as “Dentist in ______,” or some services like dental implants in _______. This is where the updated website converts, helping substantially. When clients come into the website, they become educated/entertained and have the ability to call or book online. However, before they can even click to go into the website, they need to find you on google. This is where SEO comes into play.

If you are on the first page and first for the search term, according to a 2018 google analytics study, you are getting 44% of the market clicks opposed to 28% if you are second and as little as 11% if you are third. This means SEO is super important, so if you have a great marketing team you can take all 3 positions with different pages… talk about market domination. The best part is once you are ranking you are getting free traffic, so the paid traffic is coming in as extra clients.

3. Create Content on Media Platforms

This might seem like it’s hard and pointless, but this is the most important thing you can do to build your company. Why? Branding is always left when it comes down from choosing one company or business versus another. Let’s think together and figure out what makes you different from everyone else… It comes down to experience: your staff and you. These are things that no one can take away from you, but it’s your job to put your message across that you can fulfill on all 3 aspects. That’s where you create content, but in reality, it isn’t creating if it’s simply documenting what’s already happening in your practice every single day. Patients love to take pictures and be in videos, so with that opportunity, you can share with the world that you have the best patients.

The other aspect of documenting to your community about your staff members and how awesome they are, is that at the end of the day,your new patients will join your practice because your staff is showing a friendly face. Lastly, this is important because it truly does create more trust, authority, and credibility for your brand and business.

4. The most successful Ads platforms

Most importantly, Facebook/Instagram and Google/Youtube Ads. You could do billboards, radio ads, tv advertising… however, they aren’t underpriced right now. The underpriced attention in 2019 is Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Those are the top 3. Now, since you properly fixed your SEO from my second step, you can get organic traffic from Google and not feel left out.

Why do I say Facebook and Instagram? Well, Facebook makes 97% of all its money through advertising. So, if you know what you are doing then Facebook wants to help you win because the more you win the more you will spend with them to multiply your money. They understand this, and have created a system where you can actually target your ideal client. Let’s say that client is a women named Karen who’s 43. She makes 50k a year and has 2 kids. Maybe you have a client named Beth who’s 34 with 1 child, and makes 83k a year. In regards to Youtube, 73% of US adults use Youtube, and 93% of 18-24-year-olds use it. So, it can’t go unused if you want to build a brand and scale out your business.