Why is Dental SEO Important?

I’d be surprised if you haven’t bought dental SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services or at least attempted to improve your dental SEO results. For the few that really don’t believe in the importance of dental SEO think of it this way. It’s 1930 and you just bought your office on 5th Ave in Manhattan… think of the organic foot traffic that location would generate simply by being in a high traffic location. Not only would you get more traffic, you’d also get organic brand awareness since everyone has a clear sight of you. Now let’s compare to buying an office in Connecticut. Which one would be more successful simply by foot traffic and brand awareness?

The answer is obvious… but get this: there’s 3.5 billion Google searches a day, while there’s only 8.623 million people in total in New York. That’s 418 times more. Now you might say there’s not that many people in your city, but what if I say to that is 63.1% of all core searches in America are using Google. Long story short you’re not the exception.

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That being said it’s highly important to be on the first page and work your way to being the best on google because if you are #1 you have a 44% chance of getting clicked on while #2 spot drops to 28% and #3 and below accumulates to 15% chance of getting clicks so it gets dropped off significantly. How can you improve your rank today?

Local Listings will help, use https://www.brightlocal.com/
Local Listings gives you backlinks that relate to your business location in all these directories. It gives you more authority for your address/number/ and Business name.

Connect with lab websites and services you are using like Care Credit and link them to your website. This will show google that you are reputable with these companies that typically have a good reputation already on google.
Attach your Google Business properly so all business hours/ reviews/ pictures are aligned, this allows new customers to find you on google maps/ and GPS searches in a very convenient way and it shows Google that you are a real business.
For testing to see where you rank alongside your competitors, and to see how much they are spending on ads, you can use this amazing tool called https://www.spyfu.com/.

What is SEO?

There are many techinalicaities to SEO and how to effectively use it, but SEO really is the act of increasing traffic to your website through organic searches. Put simply, you want to be relevant to the search term that your website is supposed to have relevance for.

At the core, SEO breaks down into two aspects
On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO
Both are very important for your dental practice and SEO success. To start, think of on-page as everything that is applicable to your website itself.

That would include:

Creating Content
Blog Posts
Altering Tags
Improving Navigations and User Experience

Anything that is indirectly changing your website is working towards on-page SEO.

As far as your off-page, this includes anything that is happening outside of your website. This is vitally important for actually ranking on Google simply because it creates more authority for your website’s keywords.

The goal here is to create a digital footprint, outside of your website, to show google that other “people” and other websites are talking about you. This is called link building. The stronger the influencer is, the more relevance that influencer will pass over to your dental website.

Your goal is to find:


After you find those, you want to have engaging content for these Influential people to share with their following and spark some talk about you, while also linking a message from their website to yours. The more meaningful topics and ideas you have done, the more of an authoritative figure you become; which helps both the SEO and your brand.

To finish, having a strong dental SEO is one of the most important elements you can use… right behind content distribution (Branding); let’s face it, all people are searching for things in this day and age. If that’s on Google/Bing/Yelp/Youtube, It’ll help your SEO as well. To conclude, if people are searching online for certain topics, your goal should include being fully optimized and better than your competitors; remember, 44% goes to that number one spot. If you’re not first, you really are last, especially due to how ruthless the market is. Take it from me, being number one works wonders, and once you get there you won’t ever want to drop back down.