Dental Social Media Page

True social media is only 10 years old. In 2008, there wasn’t a majority of people using social media apps, nor were they spending their time on their phone. In fact, people didn’t even use their phones unless it was to do important phone calls outside of landline calls. Look at the difference that time has on our culture.

For instance, there are 3.196 billion users on Social media worldwide. Now, the total population in the world is 7.59 billion. That’s 42% of the entire population of the world. It’s estimated to reach 5 billion by 2022. It’s beneficial to use social media for building a brand to get your message across. Accept this, jump in, and soar past the the big companies that haven’t fully jumped in yet. Remember this method is new, and traditional media still works.

However, there’s no comparison to how strong a return social media has if you distribute your money equally into each media outlet. Social Media really is the Gold Rush all over again. There has never, and may never be a time like this where you can receive attention for the cost it is today. This doesn’t mean ruining your brand by posting generic blog posts about “6 steps to floss” or “why go to the dentist,” unless you are adding your own personality. We live in the information era where we can search up a “6 steps to floss” article easily. If you don’t add your own personal touch, you’re just like everyone else.

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Now what can you do?

1. understand the reality of Social Media

Social media really isn’t going anywhere, even though you might not use it often and you might not enjoy it. The sooner you accept and understand it’s growing, the faster you can utilize the benefits of growing your business online. This understanding allows you to…

2. Have the Best Place to build a Brand

In this information area we have the ability to learn and connect with people much faster than before. This is why if done correctly we have the opportunity to truly scale a following because of how fast we can actually get in from of your ideal client. Also having great content will then help you generate an awesome fan base around your personal & business brand. The honest truth is that it’s not as hard as people make it seem, just post pictures & videos of your office on these platforms. The excellent opportunity that social media has is advertising for more fans.

3. The Importance of using Engagement Ads

It’s massively important to keep updating your community of patients on what’s going on inside your practice with staff pictures and video with each other and other patients (get consent form). Similarly, For your ideal client to learn about you, your staff, and your services, you should allocate an engagement budget to throw your content in front them. Why is this important? You show that you have an office that is different and unique. This creates more credibility and trust for your practice to come in from marketing expenses. The real Gold Rush is that if done properly, in a few years you will have thousands of people as your “fans.” These people will be going to you for life and will be your biggest internal word of mouth advocates.

4. Why Documenting will completely set you apart?

As people have the ability to see your face and your office they will start to resonate with you. This allows you to connect with them. For instance, a majority of people resonate with someone more when they see their face because before it was just an image that their minds created and before they didn’t attach any emotion to your office or any other. However, seeing your staff or patient photos online allows for them to trust you and even give you more credibility for being so popular. This sets you apart because right now a majority of office aren’t using social media to document they are just sending their blogs and posting it on the business page which is a big no if you are currently just doing that.