Creating Dental Videos

The Great opportunity of Creating Videos

Visuals are better in this fast pace world of 2019. Certainly, studies show that 85% of Americans watch videos online. Likewise, it’s estimated by the end of 2019 80% of all content on the internet will be in video form. What does this mean? You truly have a perfect opportunity to jump on this video trend for your dental marketing. This will only continue to expand and become more ordinary in the average person’s life.

The only Importance Regarding this Opportunity is to Actually Start

What’s even better- most professionals that’re “old school” don’t want to adapt to the new business model of branding and customer experience. They will get left in the cold. The earlier you start to leave an actual presence online and in video form, the better your personal/business brand.

Can you Increase your Person & Business Brand with Video?

Yes 100%, just like I mentioned, studies show that 85% of Americans watch videos online. Above all, if you have a proper strategy to create a dental video for your marketing, there will be your current and new patients eager to watch your videos. Consequently, the more consistent and creative that you are with your videos, the more viewers you’ll get because your brand will start to increase with an online brand.

dental video

Now how can we create a dental video?

Well, I would recommend documenting your time day-to-day as there’s a lot of events that occur in that time. The only challenge you’ll have is the patient, which is why you should always carry around consent forms for videography and the mindset that you and your staff want to document. This is what’s going to show the new patients how the experience is and what the people in the office are like. So, the real key here is to make the new people get to know you before they actually meet you.
the whole sequence follow this golden rule.

The Golden rule (stranger → friend → customer → lifelong fan).

If we can get these strangers to experience how awesome and great you are with dental marketing then you’ll be winning them over your competitors. Therefore, That’s the game… you need attention from these strangers so you can put them in the system of becoming friends so they can trust you to become your customers, and so on.

Statistics below on video vs text

Visuals vs. Text: Which Content Format Is Better, and Why?