1. The Foundation to your Dental Website

Your dental website is the foundation of your business, and everything begins with your foundation. When building a house, before you start fixing up the bathroom and the kitchen, you need to have the foundation set and absolutely perfect. The same thing applies with anything online. If you’re digitally savvy than you’ll know that your website/landing page is the reason someone will converts into a patient. Creating these pages to be user friendly for new visitors is an absolute must, or they will leave very quickly which will hurt your SEO due to higher than normal bounce rates.

2. We Want Lightning Fast Load Time to Increase User Friendliness

Optimizing your page to load ridiculously fast can only help your audience find the solution to their problem on your web and not another site. This allows for them to browse through your website when they have successful gotten into your page. I know this seem obvious, but

According to a Study by DoubleClick by Google show:

“53% of mobile site visits were abandoned if a page took longer than 3 seconds to load.”

This same study found that:

“sites loading within 5 seconds had 70% longer sessions, 35% lower bounce rates, and 25% higher ad viewability than sites taking nearly four times longer at 19 seconds.”

dental website

3. Optimized for Mobile and Tablet with Call to Actions

If you haven’t optimized the correct or balanced structure and copywriting that’s needed for a mobile and tablet friendly dental website you are actually missing a large chunk of the market.

The next steps are to make it a converting page… You paid money for this in hopes to increase branding and make you more money online. That being said we can’t just have the website look pretty without proper clickable call to actions like “call us now” or “book an appointment” These will increase navigation through your website as well since you are suggesting for them to take action into another page increasing your CTR (click through rate) which helps with SEO.

4. What sets you apart is you

The thing that I really need to get across is  making your dental website about you and your staff. When all is said and done, what sets you apart from your competitors is the experience that your team and environment provides. The goal is to capture these positive experiences on pictures and videos to display the unique and positive interactions between your staff, and existing and new patients. The more you can include in your dental website, the better the customer experience. For more tips you can learn below