6 Dental Marketing Tips That You Can Implement Today and Get New Patients in Your Dental Practice

If you watched this video about dental marketing, you might be asking yourself…

Why do I need to dominate my Dental Marketing over the internet for 2019?

That’s the same thing that Blockbuster said when Netflix started utilizing the online approach a few years earlier. There was one word that put Blockbuster out of business. Pride.

Put simply: when the whirlwinds of change swept through the movie and video industry, Blockbuster Video stuck to their guns. Consequently, their “Let’s stick to what’s working” approach is the only thing to blame because there’s no possible way that a larger company with more funds, structure, and connections would lose to an underdog. We can learn a valuable lesson, if you are not trying to put yourself out of business by innovating and growing, someone else will.

Blockbuster Store Closing

I’m sure you don’t want your dental practice to end up like Blockbuster and that’s probably why you are here. I’m sure you’re asking “What is this all about?” “How can I improve?” or “What’s different about this dental marketing agency?”

For one we give you tangible tasks that you can start implementing today, but I have some BAD NEWS. It’s been proven that if you don’t implement within 23 hours of learning something you have a 90% chance that you will forget about it. So, if you really want to scale your dental practice I recommend doing these SIX tips that our dental marketing agency put together for you and your dental practice.

1. Check to see if your Dental Website is Friendly on All 3 Major Devices

The major devices are mostly Smartphones, Tablets and Computers.

If you are able to navigate easily throughout your website without any issue, so can your patients. This means there’s no pinching of the screen and your website also has clickable phone numbers.

We wouldn’t want patients to have a hard time scheduling an appointment and getting in contact with you, or they will search elsewhere. That brings me to the importance of Call-to-Actions, making it simple and easy for your website visitors to take action. Such as calling your office by clicking on top of the office number, or filling a formulary requesting an appointment.

2. Social Media and Content Ads for Dental Marketing

Digital Marketing on Social Media really is the gold rush of our century. So, to make an analogy, the only miners who got the gold were the miners that arrived first. If we translate that to the modern world, we can say that the cost to advertise over social media is still cheap, but the advertising costs are going up every day. With the right strategy, your practice can take advantage just like the first miners did.

The real gold rush is that if done properly in a few years you will have thousands of people as your “fans” (followers). These people will be going to you for life and will be your biggest internal word of mouth advocates.

3. Advertising Your Dental Practice on All Major Platforms for 2019

Right now all the attention is on our smartphones. A 2017 study said that 81% of adults in America owns a smartphone and 90% of their time is spent on mobile apps. So, the largest app platforms are YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Netflix, and Google. To explain a little further are the new NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox of the world. These are where you would want to place your message to get the most amount of attention for the lowest cost.

If you have any questions our dental marketing agency can address any concerns on a 15-minute call.

A research was done from Hackermoon including data from industry titans like:

  • comScore, Nielsen, SmartInsights, eMarketer, MediaKix, Pew Research Center, and more

This points to the average American spending more than 2 hours and 30 minutes a day over their smartphones:

dental marketing

Social Media Research – Harckermoon 2018 (Read More)

4. Internal Marketing & External Marketing for your Dental Practice

Internal and External Dental Marketing

This is one of the most important tactics you can utilize. Why do I say that? If a practice has these two aspects working side by side, the new patient count skyrocket. You might be thinking, “but how?” If you continue reading I’ll show you. Marketing is the engine to your business, it always has been and it always will be.

The key is changing the messaging between the platforms if you have a good team that understands branding and return of investment (ROI). The importance of attaching the success of your external to your internal is exponentially instrumental for positive ROI. Why? Well, internal marketing would include your referral program, staff serving the patients with customer service, state of the art facility, your awesome environment, and lastly the quality of work.

Patients care more about their personal experience at your office. Now, why does this attach to external? Externally new patients that have never heard of you but got enough trust from an online source or word of mouth to give you a shot. When they come in, depends on how good your internal marketing is, you can:

  1. Retain that new patient
  2. Earn the right of their word of mouth advertising

Here is a statistic that you should drill in your mind. 85% of all word of mouth advertising is done by patients that have been in your office in 12 months or less. This is why external and internal are connected because you need to do external marketing to get your internal.

Funny how that works, but it’s a massive key to acknowledge and implement in your practice.

5. Get to know your Return on Investment ( ROI )

That’s what every investor and dental practice owner wants to truly know. If it’s working, than doubling and tripling down is necessary to dominate your competition. An example: as a dental marketing agency and consultant we get about 6x a client’s money and recommend investing more when they see the results. However, if you put in one thousand dollars and six thousand comes back, you’d have to have major limiting beliefs to not reinvest more to outspend your competition. This is massively important just because at the end of the day you need more money to operate your business more effectively. Keeping up with state of the art equipment and training your front staff to have the highest amount of success for growth is ideal.

Nowadays with the internet, there’s absolutely no excuse to not having a trackable return of investment on every marketing campaign that’s done. This change in marketing has significantly excluded the avenues that don’t have a positive ROI on your investments. Now if you are stuck to traditional media outlets that’s fine, however those who adapt will jump past those who don’t.  If your choice is to continue to use radio, TV, and newspaper that’s on you, just know that our dental marketing agency is always ready to help you test new avenues.

6. Hire a Dental Marketing Agency for your Dental Practice

There are many of people who can create ads and posts on social media, but are they able to provide results? Results meaning, new appointments booked and patients coming in.

When you choose a dental marketing agency, the team must align with your goals and know what makes you unique. Marketing isn’t a cookie cutter formula and you can’t approach it without understanding the “why” and “end goals”. Each campaign is completely different and taking active steps to execute those ideas require significant experience in this field.

Here at Two Ducks Marketing our Dental Marketing Services range from Website Optimization, Search Engine Optimization (Dental SEO), Paid-per-Click Campaigns over all major online advertising platforms, Social Media Management, Content Creation and Internal and External marketing as a Consulting Service.